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Aparso staff keep the samples in the Product Overview updated weekly. The latest Development Samples in Season are available for specific customers who have User ID and Password to login.
The procedure of Production Order as well as Samples Orders:
1.Samples Request
When you decided on specific samples via our website, please double click the Icon of Sample Request. Then you will see the Sample Request Form, which is available for you to fill out the materials description, material color and the icon operation instruction of each part, and immediately submit the SRF to our attention via [email protected] Immediate action will be taken when receiving the Sample Request Form from our customer
1.1 Policy of Sample charge:
1.1.1 Payment must be settled in according with both sides agreement when samples were ready for delivery.
1.1.2 All samples freight charge is under customer’s account, all delivery is handled via Collection Paid.
1.1.3 All samples charge will be returned to our customers through bulk production payment deduction when specific article(or model) production orders were received.
1.1.4 For the samples using special specific materials or components, extra sample materials’ development cost will be charged back to customers.
1.1.5 For sample tooling (i.e. shoes bottom molds) must be prepaid by customers, which will be returned to customers through bulk production payment when there are bulk production orders for Aparso.
1.1.6 For the partnership customers, all samples cost and tooling cost will be settled in accord with Agreement of Samples Charge and Tooling Cost which were confirmed by both sides. 
1.2 Sampling Timing
1.2.1 Color-update Colorway update will be allocated to our R&D and sample room. Sample Delivery Schedule in next 3 weekdays. Actual Sample(s) will be sent within 2 weeks.
1.2.2 New upper with existing bottom(shoes) Upper patterns will be completed within 3days. Pull lasting trial is to be finished at 4th day. Samples with correct materials is to be completed within 10days.
1.2.3 New upper with new bottom unit(Shoes) Blue Print will be finished within 10days Sample mold is to be completed within 3weeks. Lasting upper is to sent within 10days. Initial samples with new bottom unit is to be completed within 4-5weeks.
2.Production Orders:
2.1 For customers who decided on specific articles(or models) through our website,also you like to download the respective order to us, you can double click the Icon of “ Creation of P.O. Sheet”, then you will find the P.O. Sheet for your filling-out. Submit the P.O. Sheet to our attention via Service when you finished the P.O. Sheet . The action as follows will be taken when the P.O. Sheets were reached to us.
2.2 The P.O. Sheets are to sorted out and sent to respective customer service manager and production manager for immediate handling.
2.3 The clarification or confirmation with customers for the P.O. Sheet is to be finished within 1-2days.
2.4 Production Planning will be completed within 3days after customers’ Purchasing Confirmation Letter was received.
2.5 Confirmation Sample as well as Production Specification Sheet will be sent to customers’ attention within 2 weeks when customer confirmed the Purchase Plan and Payment to Aparso.
2.6 Bulk Production will be immediately started when the Confirmation Sample and Production Specification Sheet were confirmed by Customer’s representative.
2.7 Production will be shipped at customer’s shipping instruction at 30th-50th day when Confirmed Sample and Production Specification Sheet were received.



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